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Gel Polish works best on natural healthy nails. The longevity of your gel polish nails will depend on individual lifestyle and aftercare. Damaged and repairing nails may not last as long as healthy strong nails.
·      Use cuticle oil regularly. Make sure you run it all around your cuticle and onto the nails itself even if you have nude, polished, acrylics or gel polish. Use it a MINIMUM of twice a day especially at night before bed (toes as well as fingers) as this will keep your nails supple, healthy, moisturized, flexible and nourished. Cuticle oil is sold in the salon.
·      Wear suitable gloves when using cleaning products, gardening, washing up or doing any household chores. Any products containing Lanolin or DEET can cause your Shellac to lift so best to avoid it.
·      Do not bite, pick, cut or file at your nails as this will cause the gel polish to become weak and will damage your own nails. In the unlikely event that your gel polish has peeled or chipped, please make an appointment to see me a.s.a.p. so we can fix it. Peeling or picking will more likely remove a couple of layers of nail with it too. Please note that all repairs are chargeable.
·      Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after application – no sauna or sunbed as it may cause heat spikes on your nails.
·      Always wash your hands after you apply sun cream, tinted lotions, insect repellent and coloured hair products. Some makes contain ingredients that will impair your Shellac colour possibly causing it to discolour, fade or weaken.
·      Do not use your nails to open anything or put un-necessary pressure on them.
·      Should you want to temporarily change the colour of your nails while using gel polish use regular nail varnish. If you are removing nail varnish, make sure you use non-acetone remover. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED AS EVEN REGULAR NAIL POLISH REMOVER CONTAINS ACETONE WHICH WILL COMPROMISE YOUR GEL POLISH’S LONGEVITY.
·      If you wish to remove your gel nails, please make an appointment for safe removal as you could damage your natural nails if you try to do them yourself. If you wish to remove them yourself, then make sure you use pure acetone and don’t force the gel polish off until it’s ready. Home removal can take up to 30 minutes – so make a cuppa and be patient. Should any adverse reaction occur – itchiness, redness or soreness, please contact us a.s.a.p.
Treat your nails like jewels, not tools! Treat your nails with respect and all you should see is the growth in your natural nail. Gel polish is NOT indestructible so be kind to your nails and they’ll be kind to you. Normal wear and tear does mean just that.